Appalachia Day 5

Day 5
It rains all night. This prompts me to wake up early and fumble around in the dark making oatmeal and packing up my tent. I am motivated because about 7 miles away is a store where I can shower and have a real cup of coffee! To get there though I need to cross Blood Mountain which is a lot of rock slabs and could be slippery with the rain.

Blood Mountain is the highest peak on the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail and the sixth-tallest mountain in Georgia, with an elevation of 4,458 feet. It is worth it though for the beautiful view and the sun comes out. Snap a few pics up top and then descend the two miles to the store where I dry out my equipment. Walk another 3.5 miles that afternoon to Bagg’s Creek where many of the people I had met were camping. Everyone was in good spirits after the recharge at the store. The light at this campsite was amazing- check out the majestic trees!


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