All about food, travel and  life in Mexico! Jane Bauer is the lead instructor at Chiles&Chocolate Cooking School where she focuses on southern Oaxacan cuisine. Jane is also the owner of Cafe Juanita, located in the scenic Marin Chahue in Huatulco and the editor of The Eye magazine and Bite, Oaxaca’s Food magazine.

37 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Jane! I’ve been following you on you IG account. I’m going to Huatulco with my family from July 4 – 19 and would love to sit down with you for a beer. I’m a transplanted Mexican living in Canada for the past 20 years (why, why, WHY?!) and the Oaxaca coast is an area I’d love to eventually move to. I know you’ve done it and would love to chat! Want to meet up? 🙂 let me know what your schedule looks like in July!


  2. From Modern Love essay:
    “She was older than him and hard like a statue…”
    Should be: “She was older than HE…”


    1. Both “than him” and “than he “ are grammatically correct. The former treats than as a conjunction and so the pronoun remains in the nominative. The latter treats than as a preposition and you decline the pronoun into the accusative.


  3. Your writing witnesses experience and invites this reader to do so with his own experience. This is your gift …to treasure and share often.


  4. I couldn’t breathe until your story ended. Brilliant piece of tight writing. Modern Love can breathe again, it was getting a bit stale til now.


      1. Exquisite writing. Every word perfect. (despite grammarmaven critique) Stunning threading of word to word, sentence to sentence. Breathtaking and satisfying, probably just like your food. Do you have writings elsewhere? I am hungry for more. (I know, I know. But hard to resist).

        Galveston, Texas


  5. Modern Love was a finely wrought O.Henry classic, down to your dizzying last paragraph that leaves every sentient reader gasping, heart booming …..



  6. Wow…I loved the piece, but I don’t know…maybe you’re breathing again, but are you LIVING? I took a “shouldn’t have” plunge 36 years ago, and we’ve been married 34 of them. Are you being fair to Tony and yourself right now? You’ll figure it out.


  7. Hello Jane Bauer – I just e-mailed you through the TIMES and now write here. Your column was just terrific, pitch-perfect and a cliff hanger until the end. I write to ask if you are still with Tony – assuming Tony is real. Your situation reminds me of mine with my partner of eighteen-months (now, coincidentally, on a three week trip with her college-aged daughter to Oaxaca). Our core connection may be deeper than what you describe – we have re-connected after being very close years ago in college. And so, we continue to muddle through. Wondering what happened with you. Or if fictional, what happens to your character. Thanks. Phil


  8. Dear Jane – Thank you for you Modern Love piece. Such terrific writing, tight, emotive, visual, so much so that I found myself having word & phrase envy several times through the piece!


  9. Just re-read your Modern Love column and came here to ask if you followed your heart 🙂 Best piece of writing I’ve read in a long time. Reminded me of something in my own life.


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